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LiLTweeks: You don’t have to know the details, just be prepared

The other day I tried on a pair of pants I had bought three weeks earlier. But these weren’t the same pants. The thigh area of the pant legs were so tight they would not have made it out of the store and onto my bill without trying on another pair. And now that I think back I had tried those pants on and they did fit comfortably enough to toss into my bag. So what happened?

Last week I was sub contracted to provide air quality testing services for a commercial environmental safety company. The task required me to collect air samples then walk down and up flights of stairs as high as 140 ft. several times a day in a respirator mask dodging temperatures of 100 – 150 degrees to our mobile laboratory. Granted this type of work isn’t something you can just jump into without being in moderately good health.

Had you saw the physical condition I was in at the close of 2009 you would understand that there’s no way to have fooled myself into thinking I’d be able to take advantage of such a well paying opportunity. I was unemployed, emotionally drained, spiritually crushed, and grossly out of shape compared to my norm. That’s when I started a daily two-mile walk regiment that included climbing eight flights of steps where I live instead of taking the elevator. I knew that when the chance came for me to get back into the game of life I’d better be ready.

Not only was I ready to collect from a well paying job with all of its physical demands, but I also have fabulous quads, calves, and abs for that beachfront vacation next month. You gotta love this life or you’ll hate the journey.

Stay focused. Stay confident and believe your preparation will pass emissions test.

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