Carter’s Classroom Mission Statement

To me my classroom is best defined as a place that will adopt to
changing conditions. I control the atmospheric climate. My classroom
is where I empower students to understand and navigate through a
variety of life applicable situations. My classroom is a learning
institute for some of societies most brilliant minds.

My classroom is a place where students feel secure in knowing that
they are safe to explore new things. My students travel without the
threat of their ideas being crushed intellectually. My students strive to
become more effective communicators in both written and oral
expression. I stimulate my students to grow beyond yesterday’s
learning challenges as their life coach and academic expert.

In our school students, parents, teachers and the community make
collective efforts to move away from casting blame on one another.
We aggressively move toward developing solutions that are focused
on student achievement. Our students develop vision for their
purpose and gain understanding of how to reach achievable goals.

In our classroom we value things like discipline and order. We
value courage to take on challenges of life. We don’t quit until
obstacles are overcome by persistence and revised strategies that

My classroom is a place where no student is left alone to feel
hopeless. All of my students find joy, laughter, peace and support in
our classroom. My students and I always find ways to celebrate
success and nurture wellbeing in one another.

For my in-coming underclassman, school is a place where poor
learning behaviors are replaced with rich and exciting strategies for
growth and development. For my upperclassmen, school is a place
where they believe more in themselves than ever before. My students
dream, vision cast, and believe for the fabulous life.

If you would like a copy of this mission statement or a guide to
customizing your own, downloads are available here.

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