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Bodybuilding: Time, Fatigue, Plenty Rest and Lots of Supplements


Photo Credit by a.drian

Photo Credit a.drian

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to get results that just aren’t happening?

Years ago in the prime of my youth a buddy and I had decided to start bodybuilding.  Neither of us was starting from scratch.  We had both been active athletes from early elementary school age to adulthood but were a far cry from those freakishly large guys on the covers of muscle magazines.  We did our homework and designed a rigorous workout schedule to conquer our goals. Turned out to be an unfulfilled experience for the both of us. 

We curled and pressed and squatted day after day never really achieving the results we desired after 18 months of sweat and tears.  I moved from the city that second year returning a few years later to visit my old workout buddy.  We laughed and joked about those earlier days we dreamed of sculpting bodies like Adonis.  But I had learned some additional things about serious bodybuilding over time. 

One thing I realize is that its going to take a lot longer than a few months to create what those magazine gods and goddesses had achieved over years of consistently working out.  I told my friend, “I learned that we only needed to keep working out to reach our goals.”  It takes a few years and a coach to obtain muscle maturity, super sized growth and a lot of supplements. 

One also needs to add sufficient amounts of protein to his closely monitored meal plan.  More importantly releasing protein and other vital supplements into the body at the right time is critical for professional results.  There are even certain combinations of exercise sequences that are extremely valuable for speeding up growth development from your gym workouts. 

Then even after small layoffs of working out for years in the gym you’ll bounce back right were you left off once you return.  Many of the same concepts can be applied to other areas of life as well.  Like riding a bike, or whitening your teeth, or rediscovering the joy of a once loved hobby set aside all desires can be revived once the process has been established and anchored over time. 

But the question is how long does it take to establish maturity before getting desired results?  Are you willing to endure the challenge or will you give up if you don’t see immediate results?  You make the call. 


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