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LiLTweeks: The Philosophy of Winning, Part 1

“True character in a winner is not boiled down to one event or situation. Winners are made of the stuff that can get back up, dust off the dirt, wipe away the tears, ignore the stinky smell you’ve stepped into, and focus through the pain with confidence to perform better next time the whistle blows.”

(Note: Philosophy of Winning is an excerpt from soon to be published Special Report on Winning)

Winning or even being a winner means something different to just about anyone you ask to share their thoughts on the subject. Straight talk on it is, even though many of us buy into what others think it means to be a winner, what you personally believe and how you feel about it is what brings out the champion in you.

Believe you are a winner, even when no one else does.

Say it like you mean it, “I’m a winner and there’s nothing you can do about it.” What does that feel like? In high school I was part of a group of guys called Hard, Inc. We were cut from a unique breed of athletes, walking around chanting how fine we were, long before MC Hammer wrote, “Can’t Touch This.”

My grandmother would often tell me, “It’s not always what you say, but how you say it, that wins friends and creates enemies.” Before long I learned that you can look at competition the same way. Nana could have easily said, “It’s not the win or loss that matters, but how you played the game, that makes you a winner?” (To be continued. . . )

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