About Carter

LaRon A. Carter is a former US Marine and veteran K – 12 Special Education Certified Teacher for Emotionally Challenged Students. He has an Applied Associates of Science in computer technology and a Bachelors of Science in education from Eastern Michigan University. More importantly, I am an unapologetic Christian on a mission empowering young people to become better problem solvers so they can defeat the risk of high school dropout and financial suffering.

Asphalt Check – A Problem Solving Blog for Street Savvy K12 Teachers is a living document of my 30 year professional and personal life experiences, as a proud Marine Corps warrior, exposing the myths of being an entrepreneur, making the grades as a mentor and teacher, living with the loves and hurts of being a husband and parent, and growing daily in my understanding of what it means to be a friend.

The street “savvy” teacher is an educator capable of artistically communicating life applicable lessons learned from non-traditional experiences within the structure of traditional academic settings. Connecting the heart and mind of her students with illustrated stories necessary for learning how to succeed much like the intricate details taught by a wise storyteller.

I’m currently directing the development of StreetTeacher in the laboratories of Empowering Basics University. ST is an Internet community designed to inspire young people and those that serve them to become better problem solvers using basic literacy models.

In an effort to spotlight some of the many wonderful storytellers within the ranks of K12 education EBU has created K12Live Teachers using Twitter. @K12Live is a social media campaign that spotlights some of the brightest minds in teaching and best practices for K12 teacher preparation.

Pleas join me in a collaborative movement to regain control of our classrooms and teaching methods, so that collectively we can drastically reduce the rate of student drop out and radically improve the state of our economy, as a result of inspiring students to think smarter and dream bigger.

Stay focused. Stay confident and you will win.

LaRon A. Carter, America’s Guest Teacher
Author of Stop Crying in the Restroom [it ain’t that deep]:
A Guide to Your Best Year Teaching With Smart K – 12 Goal Setting Methods

LaRonCarter.com | @K12Live and @laroncarter on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook
email: bemyguestteacher@gmail.com
phone: 206.350.2650

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    December 11, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    wow. just wow.

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