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I can’t seem to update my Twitter list?

I created my Twitter account long before lists were developed. Now that it exists I’m not able to over come the huge task of organizing all of my connections. You’d think I would at least be able to add new followers to list I created over a year ago, it’s embarrassing.

Social Media: PLN 7.4

I don’t know what it is about getting caught up on organizing my Twitter List. Maybe I feel a rant coming on because the WiFi I’m on in the public library is so slow right now. But honestly, the issue of staying current with my list may cause me to hire one of my young cousins to work it out, because the benefits far out way the challenge.

Out source on a small budget

The way I look at it is that I’m going to spend valuable time learning how Twitter works, sharing newly discovered content, and creating personal leaning networks I should at least use my time wisely by following the lists feature. Otherwise the challenge of following those with shared interest become closer to resembling a needle in a haystack everyday my small account grows bigger.

Here’s why lists are so valuable:

Brings valuable content to the top
If you’re smart the reason for following people is to connect and learn. Lists allow you to place users into categories of like interest that brings those feeds to the top of all the other noise.

Sends a message I care about your news
You’ll rarely see the news feeds of those you care about if you’re not on line when they are posting their content. By clicking on the lists you’ve created of them you will be able to comment replies more often sending a message that you are genuinely following their stuff.

Subscribed to lists feature builds network
Once you subscribe to someone’s list your learning network is exponentially increased and your feeds become more visible as well. Who wouldn’t like more followers for a daily ego rush?

Makes me more Twitter Savvy
I love my social media, but my time is valuable when I’m online. Creating category lists and maintaining it (ouch) is just plain smart use of your time.

Ok. Ok already. I’m committed to naming June, Social Media List Update Month. Being a smart follower is far too important not to.

Stay focused. Stay confident and stay on top of your list for Twitter savvy consciousness.

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