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The most valuable ingredient to give your child’s business.

Goal setting and planning are very high on my list of standards for running anything successful. Yet, all of my dreams and desires weigh priceless without adding one particular ingredient to grow my success. Without this additive to your kidpreneur’s toolbox of business weapons they may never fully understand how to take off from the starter blocks. But with this one nourishing supplement they can travel further than the competition in one single leap.

Teach you child to take action.

Kids have a huge advantage over adults for many reasons. They “should” have more energy, not be prone to life failures that have suffocated our resiliency, and they just do things without thinking through what might go wrong.

OK, that last one can keep us from making some rather big mistakes. But it can also hinder a business owner from taking needed action to get out ahead of the competition or start something that can cause a revolution before someone else thinks it into action first.

In my eBook, A Guide to Your Best Year Teaching, I cover a section on Action Based Goals (SCR V2.6) that uniquely looks at how the teacher can be a change agent in their community by using social media clients that are designed to make taking action an event without excuse.

Teaching your kid CEO to take action is probably the least expensive deterrent for them developing procrastinating behaviors.

Children learn on individual learning curves, but one thing we know for sure is that procrastination is developed out of fear and the best way to teach them differently is to teach taking fearless action without delay.

Stay focused, stay confident, and teach yours to take action.

Kids Mind Your Own Business is loaded with tips of how parents can assist their children in growing their character and business with new school strategies and old school values. If you have been inspired from this article please leave a comment and consider subscribing to the RSS (top right column) to have future post delivered to your feed reader [look for Weekend Post].

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