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Developing foundational skill sets and networks for kids

My child’s got talent enough to win any competition.

The fundamental difference between talents and skills are very clear and can be costly. So, how do we manage to miss the mark when it comes to helping our kids maximize their talents for the big pay offs? Normally, parents get caught up in identifying a special talent in their child and quickly move into competitive exploitation. Now, if this message is not for you, it’s not for you.

Natural ability is a good place to start.

As a teacher and coach, I get a chance to see a lot of truly talented artist, athletes, and performers. Already, this year, I’ve witnessed a gifted student’s career warped from having been thrust into the spotlight way to soon. A mother spent several thousands of dollars she didn’t have on fees, travel, and lodging to have her daughter compete with peers that had spent endless hours being coached before entering a competition of that level. The result was utter devastation for the unprepared child and unnecessary financial stress on the family.

Skill is created from training.

Those young competitors had honed their skills over time. Even though many weren’t as talented as my friend’s child, their performances out shined the newcomer, because their parents found it wiser to spend time and money on developing a foundation first. Their child’s up front investment on the practice court yielded higher dividends in the backcourt. 50 Cent, referring to his new book The 50th Law with Robert Greene, says that many artist miss their chance to grow valid careers, because, they want to take him on in battle before they have developed their craft.

Don’t bet a dollar on your kid’s talent, if they’ve only got half the skills. The cost is more than you both can afford.

Stay focused, stay confident, and work those skills.

Kids Mind Your Own Business is loaded with tips of how parents can help their children build business skills with little to no money down. If you have been inspired from this article please leave a comment and consider subscribing to the RSS (top right column) to have future post delivered to your feed reader [look for Weekend Post]. Connect with me @laroncarter on Twitter.

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