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LilTweeks: Facebook Rave, Rut, or Roam Part 2

Continued from previous weekend post.

The second Facebook lesson I learned this week [LiLTweeks] came when I was trying to jump into a mini rave happening on one of my old friend’s status update questions. You know the ones that bait you into commenting for the sake of discretely engaging support on a personal issue, but the comment thread takes on a life of its own, yeah, that one.

The discussion was already 10 minutes in by the time I posted my first comment, even then I had two or three comments in between my update and the last time I saw the live feed, which sort of looks like a chatroom thread because the conversation looses its linear continuity and can be slightly confusing. At least for a guy lacking multiple simultaneous conversation skills like me.

There lies the problem, because, the dialog gets out of sequence like a third text message that is read before the second one posted because both of you are typing so fast in between taking a few seconds to think.

The feeds were pouring in and I could see the commentator getting frustrated because his FB (Facebook) friends weren’t playing by his rules of engagement. People were trying their best to understand his original question before jumping into a potentially emotional topic and the moderator took it as an avoidance tactic, which I didn’t understand (people were in the conversation and trying to speak out). Others were making effort to contribute in ways they best understood the content, which as you know can take FB conversation treads into uncharted territory.

From it, I walked away realizing that rather than getting stressed over a thread [or content] not producing the results hoped for, allowing social media to be organic has tremendous value in a supplemental sort of way. Maybe it’s best to post, try your best to keep the feed live, be the best spokesman you can be for yourself, and let the power of the written word live on its own while you wonder over to another conversation on the other side of the room without having to actually say, “It’s a joke.”

Wow! Time fly’s. Lets bounce over to the Motherland and see if we can catch Tevin Campbell before loosing my WiFi.

“Faceboo Rave, Rut, or Roam Part 1” can be found here.

Stay focused. Stay confident, live a little, and love even more,
Carter | @laroncarter

P.S. LiLTweeks is a weekly observation of some problems I’ve encountered and possible actions for resolve. If you have been inspired from this article please leave a comment and consider subscribing to the RSS (top right column) to have future post delivered to your feed reader [look for Weekend Post].

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