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Actions to take for having your best year teaching in 2010

Stop inappropriate behaviors, increase parental involvement, and produce better problem solvers. How about, spend more time teaching? Whether you are a new school team player or old school veteran that’s had enough drama for one semester. I might have something that works for you. It’s been a blessing in my life, that’s why I’m paying it forward. Now you can pass it onto those you serve. With one download you can start 2010 on a mission to feel good about SMART classroom goal setting decisions and taking bold actions to produce your best year teaching K12 students!

Uses Google Docs, Sign-in with Facebook or OpenID and click Downdload.

K12 Teachers using Twitter!

Facebook Group K12Live for Teachers using Twitter

K12 Teachers using Twitter! is a web community based movement that spotlights some of the brightest teachers you know, discovered, or read about the outstanding methods and systems they use to produce win-win results for the students they serve.

Note: K12 Teachers can easily find other teachers at if you use #K12Live when posting on #teachertuesday or #ff (#followfriday) shoutouts.

Here’s how it works:

► Join the group and let us know why you do what you do in the classroom? Why did you choose to work in education? Why did you choose your specialized area? Why did you choose your students or did you? You get the idea.

► Then head over to Twitter and create an account if you haven’t already.

► Each Tuesday or Friday come back and post a spotlight of outstanding K – 12 school employees or parents you work with, it could be someone you recently discovered or never forgot about how they impacted your life as a teacher. Use #K12Live when posting Tweets on #teachertuesday or #ff (#followfriday) shoutouts so that others know the K12 teachers.

► You can link us to a video (highly recommended) of your ‘spotlight friend’. You can point us to a blog or podcast that tells a success story that might inspire others in education to grow beyond the day-to-day challenges that blocks career progress or smashes a student’s passion to dream.

► A Tweet Out lets the entire micro blogosphere know in 140 character spaces that person is a shinning planet in your universe.

Ex. @kchichester rocks the chalkboard inspiring her students to dream big American dreams and never loose hope! #K12Live

Ex. @lnicewaner is blogging about the creative solutions of technology in the classroom, she gets it #K12Live

Ex. @deployedteacher wants you to check out @dogtagsforkids for sending kids dogtags from their parents overseas. Great pride at school #K12Live

► Finally pass this link around to your family and friends so that they can join in on the fun of being celebrated for the hard work they love to do. And encourage them to connect with others from this group. Support may be one of the most valuable keys to managing life’s challenges.