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They’re Not Hearing You


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Long before I answered the call to teach I had a love affair with business and the spirit of entrepreneurialism. But after becoming a certified K – 12 special education teacher (for some reason that title doesn’t sound normal) I took on the challenge of connecting sales and marketing models to the art of teaching.

Can’t top this

One of the many coaches I’ve studied under over the years is marketing giant Seth Godin. Last week he blog posted the idea that getting someone to switch because you offer more of what they were looking for when they chose the one they have now is essentially impossible.

What are you selling?
If your students haven’t bought into a program that isn’t working, what makes you believe they want to buy more of it just because you’re serving bigger portions?

Think importance
For this up coming semester think of ways to deliver lessons to your students that brings something to the chalkboard existing teaching methods don’t think is important when trying to convert one positive behavior into multiple successful behavioral patterns.

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