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Where to Go When All Else Has Failed to Produce the Answers You Need?


Photo Credit by Mudeth

When your past experiences aren’t deep enough to provide rules for engaging tough problems you may search Google, Wikipedia, or eHow. But even robust engine optimization and one hundred twenty three comments in the best forums can fail to produce the answers needed to resolve a personal hardship. What answer will matter in an untimely death of a loved one taken home before you got a chance to reconcile your differences?

Some problems simply leave us dumb founded.
Maybe your issue is rapt in the inappropriate behaviors of a child that everything touched seems to blowup in his face. What do you do if your faith and everyone praying for you isn’t enough to reverse the chronic condition of disease that has you feeling like you have nothing left to give? Countless spouses and their children are emotionally traumatized in the aftermath of a divorce gone wild. So, what does a respected mentor say that brings resolve to a problem that leaves you both dumb founded and chanting, “I don’t know what I’d do,” as a better response than unwelcome wisdom?

My grandmother knew what to do.
Nana would often remind me, “Whenever you have looked everywhere in vein to figure something out, you must turn to the God in you for a glory that will out wit, out live, and out shine your problems, baby”. There you will find the answers patiently waiting for you to show up. Always in there, under all the mind chatter banging off the walls of your intellect, wondering how much longer you are going to kick it around like a rejected rock.

Just be the answer.
Now reading this at a glance might have you wondering, Carter, is that all you have to say about where to go when all else fails to give me the answer I need? Yep, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s Run DMC would say, “It’s like that, and that’s the way it – is.” Word. Try getting quiet, separate from everyone, stop all the noise and meditate from within so you can hear how to be. . . one with the Answer. It doesn’t get any more basic than that.

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