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Confident Teaching | Be Encouraged Mothers

LaRon Carter Mothers Day“A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.” Irish Proverb

Stressed Out K – 12 Education Series 3.3

Be Encouraged

My mother, Winifred E. Carter, is my shero. For three quarters of my life she has been a phenomenal single mother and guiding light in my life. Watching her strength and ability to endure all of our challenges has had big influence on how and why I do what I do. Be encouraged momma. You deserve the very best that life has to offer and I will do everything within my power of faith in God to channel your blessings. And I know one of those blessings you desire is to be a blessing to others. So, I write today in honor of you to all the single mothers born to teach their children.

Get Confident

For a new teacher teaching in it self soon becomes overwhelming. Each young professional new to the art has his or her own set of variables that factor into their learning and teaching experiences. The purpose of the Confident Teaching Category is to make a serious connection between the things you want to know about reducing stress within the difficult task of solving classroom problems whether at work or at home. Your confidence will take a bold stance to assure your boss, your students, and yourself that you “Got This” once settled in clearly identifying the problems, develop effective action plans, and monitor your results for staying on course.

Go Deep

While working through the writing challenges of this Stressed Out K – 12 EDU Series I’ve had to navigate through extraordinary life hardships. All of which have built my faith upon the things I hope for. Becoming all that God has created me to be is no small task, nor is it for you. And this is why. Once you set a goal that is bigger than you and attach high standards of operating along the way, all hell will come against your good pursuit. Like a football wide receiver I have to go deep in order to give my best everyday. You can do no less for those you serve day in and day out. They need you to go deep. Whether it’s in the classroom, at home, or in your place of worship, stay focused and stay confident. Let your phenomenal shine, it’s your day, it’s your time. And by the way, Happy Mother’s Day!

As always please comment and share. Are there any words of wisdom my mature mothers can pass on to young mothers or mothers to be?

This is a new series called Stressed Out K – 12 Education. Over the next several weeks we will explore classroom issues surrounding special needs, at-risk behaviors, student – teacher and teacher – parent relationships, and much more as it relates to reducing stress created from educational systems, narrow minded thinking of difficult colleagues, and the headaches from someone else’s undisciplined kids.

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  1. Marcus
    June 25, 2009 at 12:48 pm


    Congratulations on your site launch! From what I can see this will be a very successful webpage. The work you do is truly altruism at it’s essence. I believe that I will be seeing you on the spotlight my man!

    If you have wondered what has happened to my posts and activity, I have been preoccupied immensely with school. I hope to get back on track very soon. Live long and prosper as my ancestors would say!


    Marcus Chang

  2. July 7, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Wow.. this is really awesome!

    Nino Natividad

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