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Confident Teaching | Embracing Mission

Photo Credit by Diego Cupolo

Photo Credit by Diego Cupolo

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.” Jack Kinder

Stressed Out K – 12 Education Series 3.2

Does It Make Sense?

The purpose of this blog post is to spark internal discussion into the idea of whether or not your mission statement makes sense. The mission statement shouldn’t only sound good; it must applicably address the needs of those you serve, right? If you fall short here you bound to increase your stress levels.

Does It Breathe?

Now just because you have a mission statement that makes sense for all the right reasons, it still may not make sense to those you serve. When a concept or idea is so far removed from the normal life style of those hearing what you have to say, it sounds whack. I’m specifically talking about the part that breathes high expectations into low expected outcomes. You know the win-win stuff champions are made of.

Understanding Mission Framework

Your mission statement isn’t any good to anyone if you don’t believe it. Now by some sort of slick skill sets may be a few will opt in if you’re in the game to get over. Don’t be that teacher just showing up for a paycheck. Everyone loses when a teacher loses focus of the purpose for taking the job. An effective mission statement should be tinseled with questions like:

• How do I want my classroom operation to look?
• How do my students and parents want the program to best serve them?
• How will I set-up safety systems to guard my students mentally, physically, and spiritually?
• What are my student’s strengths that I can expand on?
• How do I know if I’ve clearly identified my student’s challenges?
• What must I do to enhance my life coach and learning skill sets?
• Who are all the players needed to engage my students intellectually?
• Who are my model educators and how do I Get Lock In?
• What is my vision for my student’s exit plan?

As always please comment and share. Has this information help you in any way? Do you need help with constructing your mission statement? Would like to post a display link of your mission statement?

This is a new series called Stressed Out K – 12 Education. Over the next several weeks we will explore classroom issues surrounding special needs, at-risk behaviors, student – teacher and teacher – parent relationships, and much more as it relates to reducing stress created from educational systems, narrow minded thinking of difficult colleagues, and the headaches from someone else’s undisciplined kids.

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