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Tech Notes | Beyond Twitter Expectations

Tweetout Friday Coming Up Find Out More @K12Live.com

Tweetout Friday Coming Up Find Out More @K12Live.com

“Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration . . and expectation..”
Jack Nicklaus

This is How it’s Suppose to Work

Collaboration, Exploration, and things like Networking are far more rich experiences when they are built on a conduit that connects people. And, although, I find connecting offline way more satisfying than sitting in front of a computer screen or my Blackberry. Twitter is an excellent connector of conversation, people, and their ideas. I always expected Twitter to deliver, because, so many in my PLN (person learning network) said it could. Now it’s paying off.

Exchanges like this thread below demonstrate one of the unlimited ways to have gratifying experiences @K12Live on Twitter:


Note: I experimented with Twitter for many weeks before the micro blogosphere opened it’s galaxy and rained down on me.

Time Well Spent

Discovering your own voice or style of connecting with people on Twitter is going to take time to figure out for most of us. So, hang in there if you are new to the family.

When I first began using Twitter (in Jan. of 2009) I was eight weeks into it and still wondering whether or not I was wasting my time. Then it was another month before I was able to hear my Twitter voice speak from my thoughts through the keyboard of my smart phone.

Well it’s been several months, many blog post and books on the subject, and a thousand tweets later. Now days I follow my tweeps as we say using Twitterberry and HootSuite from my application client Mozilla brower tricked out with Don Hollings Twittin Secrets Toolbar. Twitter life became even more beautiful with Echofon (originally Twitterfox) a sweet compliment to Facebook’s sidebar add-on.

Facebook’s Virtual Coffee for Revolutionaries

On my regular Monday conference call with Facebook group Virtual Coffee for Revolutionaries I mentioned that I didn’t see it possible to define social media tools like Twitter in definitive terms. I am a teacher, but I’m much more of a student filled with lots of inquiry and observation data. And my notes reveal that engaged Twitter users usually find new levels of appreciation when there’s an exchange of instant information needed to solve some sort of problem. However, I imagine the creativity of Twitter users as a networking application will open up near future possibilities far beyond our current imagination of how to use it.

Start reducing the confusion of building your personal learning network by experimenting with great online application clients [mentioned above]. Then invest time into learning how each tool works in order to leverage them effectively.

For Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My advice is to approach social media slow, the way a scientist collects data from her experiments. Teachers are privileged to private information. So, be quick to listen, twice as slow to speak, and even slower to bite off more than you can chew.

As always please comment and share.

How are you using Twitter? Which web applications and add-ons are working best for you at this time?

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