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Purpose Teaching | Realistic Goals

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by Porcelaingirl° {josie-grossie}

“Focus on the goal, not the task. See it happening, not how to get it done.” Star Trek Voyager

Stressed Out K – 12 Education Series 2.7

Reality Check

Realistic goals can play on your intelligence. Reality is reality for the person that thinks it’s real. You know what I mean? My reality may not be yours and visa versa. So I’m not really sure just how real I can keep this post, but I’ll give it a shot in under 400 words.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but usually one of two things will happen when attempting to set realistic goals. One possibility is that you stand a real good chance of talking yourself out of a goal that sounds to phat for your God given abilities. I mean He’s still working with me, right? So I couldn’t possibly pull that one off. Remember the story of Jesus turning water into wine? Didn’t he tell his mom that it wasn’t his time when she did the mother thing saying, “My son can do anything, follow his instructions?”

Order Your Steps

Secondly, we can set goals out of sequence and stumble over our feet trying to get out of the blocks. I call it out of sequence others may call it setting your goals to high. Accusing someone of setting goals to high doesn’t make since if you’re teaching that the sky’s the limit and you can achieve anything you can conceive is contradictory I think. Watch what you do and believe what you say I always say.

Here’s the deal. You and I both need a dose of confidence in being bold when under taking projects that have daunting task attached to them. A word of advice is to focus on the goal. Tasks have a tendency to mount up into overwhelming challenges. And if you’re not careful challenges can unnecessarily turn into problems. By directing your energy onto the vision of accomplishing your goals you reduce the stress factor. By reducing your stress you will allow the universe to guide you onto a course that has been properly sequenced for win-win outcomes. It’s just not realistic to focus on anything else.

Please comment and share to my Asphalt Check Blog on what are some goals you have not been able to achieve because you yourself or someone else has talked you out of it?

This is a new series called Stressed Out K – 12 Education. Over the next several weeks we will explore classroom issues surrounding special needs, at-risk behaviors, student – teacher and teacher – parent relationships, and much more as it relates to reducing stress created from educational systems, narrow minded thinking of difficult colleagues, and the headaches of some one else’s undisciplined kids.

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