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Purpose Teaching | Focused Goals

Photo Credit by Laura Padgett

Photo Credit by Laura Padgett

“People often procrastinate because they don’t have a clear picture of what’s important. And knowing what’s important involves knowing where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they are headed.
Ken Blanchard and Steve Gottry, The On-Time On-Target Manager

Stressed Out K – 12 Education Series 2.3

Steep Curves Ahead

The last time a blog was posted by the Guest Teacher I wrote, “Tomorrow I’ll shine light on why setting dates on measurable goals are so important.” Well, if there was ever any doubt as to the importance of eliminating procrastination as it pertains to measurable goals this is it. Don’t be distracted from what’s most important, no matter what the case maybe. Stay focused.

Over the last couple of weeks I have not met important deadlines –distracted, missed valuable appointments –distracted, and just yesterday lost a contract because I did not respond in a timely manner to a phone call to confirm a Done Deal –more distractions. Life sometimes opens windows that blow in all kinds of stuff from the outside, but we have to be resilient. We have to press through the challenges that would otherwise knock us down and take us out of the game. At the end of each television and radio broadcast talk show host Tavis Smiley petitions his listeners to, “Keep the faith.” I couldn’t have said it better. Faith, in our ability to weather storms, should be the foundation of achieving your goals. Stand firm on this instruction and don’t be distracted.

On the other hand procrastination is an evildoer all by its self. Procrastination doesn’t need any help from us although we seem to be more than willing to assist in its wicked ways of shredding our goals to pieces. Procrastination is one of the chief distracters we can put on our payroll. And trust me he will cost you. So, rather than give it more attention than it deserves lets investigate systems that give leverage over procrastination’s ability to eat up timelines leading to our success.

The System of Goals

I have had the privilege of studying under some great teachers in my lifetime. One of them is Dr. David Forbes who taught me to create SMART goals and ROSE action plans, both of which were passed onto him from other teachers. Smart is an acronym for:
S – specific
M – measurable
A – action based and adjustable
R – realistic and reachable
T – time oriented or time based

And a rose action plan stands for:
R – rationale. What is my God given purpose?
O – objective. What are 3 – 5 things I must do to meet my rationale this year?
S – strategy. What must I do each day/week to satisfy my objective?
E – evaluation. Monthly/quarterly look into patterns of track record toward my goals.

Both of these systems, when used correctly, have been instrumental in making my goals and dreams happen. Over the next few purpose teaching segments I will commit to sharing the very best goal-setting strategies that I know. We both know any goal worth going after will inevitably be tested for structural flaws. Even our intent will undergo stress tests for authenticity. So, don’t even think about giving up on your goals to become the very best teacher you can be without embracing the journey in its entirety. You’ve got your work cut out for you. Together we will win.

Please comment and share how procrastination has really messed up your game plan in or outside of the classroom. I would imagine many readers (including myself) would benefit from your experience.

This is a new series called Stressed Out K – 12 Education. Over the next several weeks we will explore classroom issues surrounding special needs, at-risk behaviors, student – teacher and teacher – parent relationships, and much more as it relates to reducing stress created from educational systems, narrow minded thinking of difficult colleagues, and the headaches of some one else’s undisciplined kids.

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