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Teaching Basics | Smart Classroom Management

Photo Credit by Tiffany Silva

Photo Credit by Tiffany Silva

“Smart classroom management, like managing relationships, begins with engaging the idea and thinking it through.”

Stressed Out K – 12 Education Series 1.0

Re: An elementary student teacher stated that “educating” parents was like walking a fine line. When asked to elaborate she said, “Well, you never want them to feel like you know more than them.”

My Teacher is Smarter Than Your Teacher
Well. Well. Well. Aren’t we feeling sensitive today? In all of the two decades in front of the classroom as a highly qualified teacher I have been accused of mmma –a few things (I even had a student call me a brainiac mutha focker one time – Well you get the idea). Ouch. But I have never been accused of making a parent feel like I knew more than them. It was a given . No, seriously though, I didn’t come up through the education ranks with 4.0 GPA transcripts in the beginning. Hell, I didn’t read above a sixth grade level until I was twenty-nine. But don’t get it twisted my parents and I have always placed high demands on academic excellence. That reading thing is another story.

Meet the Fockers
Since the beginning of my tenure I have understood which set of keys could unlock the art of teaching. The Pro’s know beyond a doubt that secretaries, janitors, guardians (and sometimes security) are star players for hitting a few less road bumps than your knuckle-head colleague across the hall – If that’s you just keep reading. Of those mentioned, my money is on the caring parent to win MVP at the end of the day. Note: If she’s a Single Lady – Just like Beyoncé Giselle Carter was at the time of recording. . . She’s in a league of her own. You will be less stressed having the support of an active parent on your team. Just ask for help.

Play in the Majors
Trust me, if you are serious about knocking the ball out of the park at least half of the time you are up at bat. You will take time to connect with the student’s parents or guardian at least 2 – 3 times a marking period. That’s an average of about once a month, right? The key here with new students is to make your first two phone calls home CS calls. That’s right, Customer Service your accounts. I didn’t say sales calls. You have nothing to sell. You are being encouraged to make those calls service calls. Otherwise you headed down a road of unnecessary stress filled days guided by students without a license to drive you there. Do you feel me? Bite your lip if you have to, but don’t call with a bad report until you connect with your team mates. You can win this round amenities, but you have to be strategic. I’ll share more tomorrow.

Check Your Purpose Clause
What is your purpose behind trying to mange a classroom full of someone else’s kids without evoking the persuasive authority of parent power? That’s just stupid. Don’t sleep on Granny being there for you, praying for you, and spanking that butt when she needs to. Better theirs than yours. Right? When Michelle Obama met with the Department of Education staffers yesterday she met with them as a former student, a teacher, and a parent. She was in tune with the purpose behind the tasks we struggle to perform. Michelle opened with, “I am a product of your work. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the public schools that nurtured me.” In the words of our First Lady, “Roll up your sleeves, you have a lot of work to do.” From me personally, thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate you holding it down.

This is a new series called Stressed Out K – 12 Education. Over the next several weeks we will explore classroom issues surrounding special needs, at-risk behaviors, student – teacher and teacher – parent relationships, and much more as it relates to reducing stress created from educational systems, narrow minded thinking of difficult colleagues, and the headaches of some one else’s undisciplined kids.

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